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Midwest Music: Kevin Michael and the Who's Who of Chicago Hipsters

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Midwest Music: Kevin Michael and the Who's Who of Chicago Hipsters

So, I’m relatively new to the city and I’ve not been around enough to know “who’s who” of the Chicago hipster scene. Luckily, musician Kevin Michael shot his new music video exclusively in Wicker Park, featuring some of the notable faces of the Chicago scene. The only problem is, I see these adorably head-banded faces and scarved necks, male and female alike and I still have no clue, so I came up with an idea! You can watch the video, when you see someone of note, check the time on the video when they appear and leave us a comment with their vital stats and why they are a part of the great hipster movement that we love, love, love.

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  • You obviously are not from Chicago and you are very green to what is really cool. The “hipster movement” was started by suburban kids or kids that came from some small town into this big city and started dressing like those of us who have been is this “scene” for a long time. Darling, those of us who are naturally cool do not call ourselves “hipsters.” So please stop.

  • there are a few people i know in this, the fool that looks greasy as fuck is mike miles, he sucks, my girl ashley is the girl taking the pic in the beginning, man on bike is my boy chris.

  • im the dude on the bike. to the kid trying to drop knowledge on kids moving from the suburbs fuck ya self. i’m from detroit and only moved to this pale city for a job. hipster i am not. kid who got dooped into doing a music video pro bono i am.

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