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All We Do Is Party Photo Exhibit

Photos taken at the All Rise Gallery‘s All We Do is Party photo exhibit, a look at the art of nightlife photography.
Background photo by: Lindsay Apatow: The Midnight Society
Background photo by: ?
Background photo by: Nem Perez
Background photo by: Kavin Kavin

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  • THESE are the HIPSTERS? I wonder what the un-hip must look like. I live in Seattle now (although I was born in downstate Illinois) and I thought things were tough out HERE! There are just a few things I want to say about what I’ve seen today:

    FIRST: PLAID is OVER, people! Try a little creativity, why doncha? What’s wrong with stripes? Or polka dots? Even argyle’s getting tired out already….try paisley, maybe, or flowers (those in the know say that hippie-type garb/psychedelics are coming back again).

    SECOND: Ladies: those enormous, huge, insanely mammoth purses are just plain NUTS! They’re cool if you’re out on a walk with the baby and you’ve got no stroller for it, or if you have to haul your puppy around, but….

    THIRD: If you’re go for the skinny-lapel suit coat, buy the real thing, and don’t just pick one up at a thrift store.

    Oh, man, I’m still blown away by people’s inability to look in the mirror once they’ve latched onto a trend, and take stock of what they really look like….and those poor girls with emaciated legs running around in pseudo-sexy slut outfits? Hell, what’s wrong with breasts? Mom had ’em, and she looked not only healthy but chic! I guess I’ll have to move back to The Windy City, and give tutorials on how not to look like you’ve all been duped by the fashion dictators.

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