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Latest Obsession: Flannel
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Latest Obsession: Flannel

Lately I’ve found myself totally and completely obsessed with flannel. For example, when I saw the outfit on the left from Shopbop, I initially went, “Ewwww, gross” but clicked anyway to have a closer look at the tasteless sight. After just a minute I became completely intrigued, so much so, that I thought, “Hmm, maybe I should buy that”. I can’t really explain it.

One possibility that I came up with is that the entire look is based on comfort items that I own or have owned.

1. The Flannel:

Flannels are to my 90’s wardrobe as white buttons are to my current wardrobe. I wore the things like they were classic. After junior high, needless to say, I  traded them for a more refined wardrobe, but I never forgot the fun, carefree times that came with those unflattering lumberjack shirts.

2. Stirrup Stretch Pants:

11 years of my life were spent in stretch pants and god help me but I would love to spend 11 more in them.

3. Cowboy Boots:

I have big feet and the one pair of shoes I own that fit me are my ultra-expensive, ultra-authentic cowboy boots. I never wear them anymore but I’m thinking tis’ the season.

So, I guess there are a few valid reasons for liking that weird Shopbop outfit I love/hate. Quite honestly, I’m not going to buy the outfit but I’ll almost definitely wear something similar and feel okay about it(now that I talked it out and all).

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