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{{Trends}} As American As Blue Jeans

WHOO HOO! Who else is pumped about America right now? I know I am, and watching President Obama make his acceptance speech Tuesday night, I remembered all the reasons why I love being an American.
It’s time to embrace that, and I can’t help but think about all those American classics that made us uniquely us. Apple pie, drive in movies, milk shakes, Ralph Lauren, cowboy boots, Bob Dylan, blue jeans….the list goes on.  I’ve been listening to folk music all day and wearing my rattiest worn in jeans everywhere. They look great with my I VOTED sticker (yes, I’ll still sporting it-cause I’m proud dammit!).
Good ol’jeans have always been, not only an American classic, but a staple in EVERYONES wardrobe. It’s the only thing, besides underwear and socks that I bet every single person in America has in their closet. Whether it’s a dirty pair of Levi’s or an over priced pair of True Religions, it’s un-doubtfully 100% American.
Last season, baggy boyfriend styles made a comeback. Thanks in part to another American favorite, Hollywood. It-girls everywhere have been sported wearing them with everything. I’m pretty sure I saw a few pairs in line at the polls on Tuesday too! So don’t be afraid. I rocked mine with a baggy black v-neck, a leopard cardi and some black ballet flats today but there is no end to what you can wear them with.

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