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Fashion Focus Wrap Up

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Fashion Focus Wrap Up

Wednesday- GEN ART’s Fresh Faces in Fashion
Gen Art’s Fresh Faces is always the best way to start off Fashion Focus. This year seemed to be bigger than the last with a start studded red carpet, featuring Fall Out Boy’s PeteWentz and appearences by Steven Rosengard of Project Runway and Demar Hamilton ot the Plain White T’s.
The accessories provided by, Samsara Designs, Twig Designs and Toki Collection, were as much of an event as the runway show this year. A personal favorite is always Samsara. Designer Sara Czosnyka gives accessory loers like myself a fresh take on an the hat. Accoutemonts like painted bones and feathers make these head toppers tops in my book.
Fresh Faces is known for churning out the best emerging talents and this year was no exception. On the runway this year, Elise Bergman, Eskell, FREI Designs, Sophia Reyes, Shorty Clothing and Philip Sparks, with menswear. I loved each and every one for differnt reasons but one that stood out was Sophia Reyes. Her line consisted of wearible pieces in mostly black and white. Though it was the specs that truly completed each look, fondly reminding me of Rachel Comey’s SS2008 show.
All in all, the show was fabulous! After being a devotee since its inception, I don’t think Gen Art’s Fresh Faces will ever do me wrong
Thursday- Sister Cities World Fashion Chicago
The Sister Cities show was a huge change from the previous night’s Fresh Faces events. Independent designers were few and far between at this commercial fashion show. Looks on the runway came from both local designers and designers from Chicago’s Chicago-based designers representing at this international inspired event included MelissaSerpico, Yana German, John Schultz and Anna Fong. Other designs on the runway came from designers in Chicago’s 27 sister cities showcased their work on the
Friday- Dress Code: Chicago Design Schools’ Show
An integral part of Chicago is the large community of colleges and universities that help foster the city’s bustling creative air. This new show featured the works of the next big names of fashion –namely, the top students from Chicago’s fashion design schools,including Columbia College Chicago, the School of the Art Institute ofChicago, Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago and the InternationalAcademy of Design & Technology – Chicago.
Saturday- GenArt’s Shop Chicago
This twice yearly event is always a must-attend. You can’t beat a Saturday of
Sunday- A Fashion
Monday- The Allure of Couture
Tuesday- Macy’s Presents the Designers of Chicago

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