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  • Wait that is a GUY in the first pic? REALLY?! I was going to say I loved her chic menswear ensemble paired with her feminine yet androgynous look.

    The chick wearing the Coach scarf on her head needs to be strangled with it. Jesus. Coach scarf, check. LV bag, check. Large Diamond ring, check. Lincoln Park condo, check.

    (Actually she kind of looks like she’s going for a Hampton’s version of an American Apparel ad)

  • Hey im Sashea Aron im the 1st person at the very top. I attended this event and the last fashion show for Macys.

    My vest and pants are Christian Dior my shirt is Yves Saint Laurent my pendent is Givenchy and my shoe is Lavin and my bag is Prada.

    To find more about me Google me Aron Daves or Sashea Aron Daves

    Or send me a message at

  • The guy in the russian cape is a friend.
    He models with ford men development team.
    Also he’s like the black guy version of Rachel Zoe styling photoshoot and chicago elite.

    There is none like the guy.

    His name is Griffin

  • the last three looks are fabulous. the others….not so much. Chicago needs to step it up. I have knee high boots that I have been dying to wear but among the dowdy crowds i would stick out like a tranny at prom.

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