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Latest Obsession: Granny Boots
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Latest Obsession: Granny Boots

During Fashion Week I photographed a girl wearing a black ensemble complete with a vintage Fendi clutch and a pair of brown granny boots. For those of you that don’t know, granny boots (sometimes referred to as pixie boots) are flat, lace up boots that come to the ankle and usually have  a pointed toe. After looking though my photos, hers became one of my favorites of the trip and so ensued my obsession.

At first, I thought she was just a stylish girl but upon closer inspection I noticed the little details. The way she cleverly mixed black and brown, was one that stuck out, but it really came down her ankle boots. You have to understand, coming from the Midwest, I’m accustomed to mainly seeing black, knee high Steve Maddens, so these were a bit of a culture shock.

Since I am a collector of all things fashion related, as you can probably tell from previous posts(boots being NO exception), the crazy fashion bitch inside me told me I HAD to have a pair. So, two days after I got home, I marched my ass to the thrift store to hunt them down. Miraculously, I found some. They are cute, brown and were only $3!

After my purchase I did a little research and found out that Urban Outfitters has a handful of the boots in various styles for sale. So if you’re just as obsessed as I am, try your luck at the thrift or just pay $125 more and get them brand spankin’ new.

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  • hey I know my brothers ex girlfriend had them and I was like in love with them at the 14 couldn’t afford to buy a pair being poor but also I couldn’t find them and then I went into absolute vintage in London they had loads I’m going to by some next week. btw loved the blog. i write my own blog for people my age I’ve just started so

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