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Macy’s Glamorama Pop Candy Arcade – Totally 80’s Jams and Fall 2008’s Best Trends
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Macy’s Glamorama Pop Candy Arcade – Totally 80’s Jams and Fall 2008’s Best Trends

Last Friday, Macy’s took this year’s Glamorama fashion show to another level with it’s 80’s pop theme. From the celeb studded red carpet to the flashback performances from MC Hammer and Cyndi Lauper, I was blown away.

Bells and whistles aside, the show was laden with amazing garments from Macy’s 28 Shop and never skipped a beat. It was nice to see bigger-name designs like Marc Jacobs, CNC Costume National and Ports 1961(amongst others) walking the runway in Chicago.

And while it wasn’t quite a New York fashion week fashion show, it did give Chicagoans the opportunity to see what they missed. Models were styled similar to their NYC catwalk counterparts and the stage production, along with the music, set the tone for a totally tubular night. On the runway, we got to catch a glimpse of the upcoming Fall 08 trends.

Great Lengths

Long skirts and dresses are making a comeback this fall after has been shelved for many seasons. I haven’t seen hemlines this low since y2k, when every girl I knew in high school had at least one and it was probably denim. The style will look good on many girls but I’m not sure I can pull off the maxi look.

True Colors

Fall clothes are usually recognized by their subtle, earth tones but this season, we will be shifting to a cooler palette. You’ll still have some of your old favorite autumn hues to fall back on but be prepared, blues and purples are said to become key colors at major clothiers.

Back In Black

The goth look is back but this time it’s a little less grunge and a little more ladylike. We will see big fur collars, patent leather pumps, and heavy tights as staples for this all black look.

Don’t Spare The Details

All over the runway were pieces with tons of embellishments – ruffles, flounce and gilded accents galore. Detailed garments are just a broader look at all the mini-trends to com this season. Some to watch for: Medieval inspirations, the Flapper, and oversized bows or rosettes.

Prints Charming

Get ready to chop some wood my friends, because plaid is the print to wear this Fall. It all plays into the 90’s resurgence we are seeing. The plaid is a bit of a throw back to 90’s grunge but just like the goth trend, its become more feminine. You will even see the print on blazers and pants. But don’t worry, if plaid just isn’t your print, there’s plenty more to choose from. Everything is a go, as long as it’s bold. You’ll see 60’s paisleys, an abundance of femme floral, as well as, a few whimsical prints(think big flamingos and the like).

Some other trends that were interesting, but not as prevalent on the runway: gobs of chunky jewelry, socks with heels and head scarves.

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