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Looking back at old pictures, I started to realize that I dress exactly like I did when I was in 5th grade. I wear the same eccentric color combinations and ostentatious accessories I did when I was 10.  Though the difference is, back then, I never thought about the repercussions of dressing outlandish. Today, as a 25 year old professional, I kind of have to think twice about wearing things, like mustard slim slacks or the huge Pucci scarves that I love so much.
Growing up, the internet wasn’t as readily available as it is today, so I acquried my fashion inspiration from other places, like cable tv, which is where I think this eccentric streak stemmed from. One of my main influences was Clarissa Darling, of the eponymous 90’s Nickelodeon show, Clarissa Explains It All. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone here either.
That girl, albeit 13 years old, knew how to layer, coordinate AND accesorize. Three major skills that half of all the twenty-somethings I know still can’t do. And if you take a close look at her wardrobe: geek glasses, neon, mismatched prints…it seems as though Clarissa was a hipster, before hipsters were hipsters.


Some tips from Clarissa’s wardrobe that we MIGHT be able to use today…maybe:
Row 1: 1. Mismatched Prints: Floral + Neon Checkerboard, 2. Flair: Pin somebrooches on your oversized vest, 3. and 4. Nerd Alert: Pair geekglasses with a feminine outfit, 5. High top Doc Martins with hot pink,scrunch socks
Row 2: 1. Sweatshirts: Tuck it in, belt it or wear with suspenders, 2.Oversized Shirts: cuff the sleeves and pair with LOTS of longnecklaces, 3. Peace sign graphics, 4. Ripped jeans worn over neon orprinted tights, 5. Wear your shorts with tights
Row 3: 1. Color Combo: Purple and Mustard, 2. and 3.I dream of: genie pants, 4. Oversized, long-sleeved button down

Collage: Fops and Dandies

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  • “Row 2: 1. Sweatshirts: Tuck it in, belt it or wear with suspenders”

    Or? Tuck it in, belt it AND wear with suspenders!

  • dude. you are NOT kidding. i would watch clarissa every weekend and then base my outfits on hers. i have dozens of photos of me in crazy clothes so we could look alike. PLUS when i was in college i downloaded hundreds of clarissa screencaps. if you want them, hit me up. 😉


  • Hello Marah!! I was wondering if you could send me those screen caps. I DO HAVE OVERFLOWING LOVE FOR CLARISSA AND THE SHOW. I just wish they had the other DVDs. Makes me sad that I can’t relive the feeling of watching the episodes again. My email adress is [email protected] I do do do do do sincerely hope you can send these screencaps to me and I will be ever so grateful!

  • Please help me! I would so appreciate it if you can send me the screencaps, or at least the link to the screencaps. I have undyng love for Clarissa Explains It All, as I’m sure al of you guys have too! I just get giddy at the prospect that there are still peopl raving about the past, the nineties! <3 Such a wonderful era. Thank you so much! Again I would really appreciate the screncaps!@ My email is [email protected] THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN! <333

  • I’d like to have them if it’s possible, by wednesday?? I need to find this ONE pic of Fergueson in Brain Darin when he’s flipping out about, “YOU CAN’T SAY PIE WHEN YOU MEAN PI!” I’m looking ALL over for it.:-/

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