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Latest Obsession: Neon Orange Nails

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Latest Obsession: Neon Orange Nails

A person holding onto a red nail polish bottle

Last Thursday I went to the nail salon to get a manicure for my event and for some reason a neon, bright-as-hell orange is what I chose that day. I don’t know, maybe I subconsciously remembered that some celeb had been spotted wearing it, nonetheless, I chose it.

Three coats later I was in love.

Of course, I had no time to dry because I had a ton of other shit to do for the event that night, so I ended up completely ruining 6 out of 10 nails. Fucking disaster!

In total panic-mode, I called my roommate to stop at a beauty store to find the color(China Glaze Japanese Koi, I somehow remembered).

They didn’t have it, so she brought me two other oranges(Essie Clam Bake and OPI Atomic Orange). Neither were as bright but I made do and repainted. I knew I couldn’t live with 6 mismatched, horribly painted nails until my next mani, so I went back to the salon the next day.

I bought the very same bottle used to paint my nails and lived happily ever after.

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  • I’ve been playing with hot pink, but neon orange is high on my list now. Gots to get myself (and my dark blue nails) to a Sally Beauty supply…

  • Orange is pretty hot, but I’m afraid it’s not so hot for my conservative office. I’ve been wearing a light purple color by Chanel called Rodeo Drive (got it from a friend in LA). It’s one of the few “funky” colors I can wear to work that my boss doesn’t do a double take and then look at me like she’s Meryl Streep and I’m Anne Hathaway pre-makeover…

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