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Kids Dance Move – DO's and DON'Ts
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Kids Dance Move – DO's and DON'Ts

You know that I usually like to take street shots or cover local fashion show/events on this blog but a friend recently asked me to capture the fashion DO’s and Don’ts during his new night at Lava Lounge, Kids Dance Move-Taking Back Chicago. Since the concept was a little different than what I usually do (I am NO nightlife photographer!), I was up for the challenge.
The night will be a monthly occurrence, so I encourage you to come out to the next one. Dress your best(or worst), I want to take YOUR picture!


Thanks to Forever 21, it’s ever so easy (and cheap) to stock up on your hipster-esque accessories. Oversized scarf, CHECK. Metallic upper-waist belt, CHECK.

The last thing a dude with a fat ass needs to do is stuff a huge hanky in his pocket to draw more attention to it. I got over it when I saw Urban selling jeans with the hanky attached.

Wait, I didn’t know Barack was going to be there.

I don’t even want to know what this guy just did.

Oh, I see. He just ordered champagne bottle service for his d-bag frends. And now, he’s about to get up on a table like he owns the place.
PS- See the guy in the foreground. It was way too easy to say I liked his little ensemble. Hat, Vest, Collared Shirt. So instead I decided he reminded me of a cat…

…and that’s ok.

Whoa, what?! Where do I begin. I guess the main thing I should touch on is the fact that she’s wearing a skirt with jeans. That is like number one in the fashion DONT rulebook. And just when you think it can get any worse, she completes her look with leg warmers and gym shoes. This is wrong. All wrong!

See, if the last girl had just stopped putting on clothes after the black tank and jeans, she might look as cute as this girl.

Awww, so cute. Unfortunately, that sweater dress is out of season and outdated. Yea, and her twin/friend thought it would be a good idea to wear a slutty red bra under her see through top…Not so cute.

BFF’s do everything together!!! They walk alike, they talk alike AND apparently they go out wearing matching fake Marc Jacobs quilted bags…

And matching bandannas…

And matching winter hats!!! (Note: It is fucking JUNE and trust me, I have my share of saggy winter beanies but the time has come to put them away. BYE!

Ok, who let this baby with the technicolor Rolling Stones t shirt in the club?! The kid can’t even grow a mustache and some cougar is trying to get him drunk.

Hollywood Holt is looking good…even WITH his shirt on.

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  • Hilarious. Obama is clearly on some next level type hot shit compared to these other people…

  • HAHAHAHAHA! This is one of the funniest blog posts I’ve ever read!
    Very goode!!!

  • ps. the girl with the metallic belt ( its from URBAN OUTFITTERS, not forever21) at least she doesnt look that cheap. 🙂

  • hmm i think you need to work on your wit, because these comments are just kind of pathetic.

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