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DJ Poet Name Life

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DJ Poet Name Life

Apparently this guy, DJ Poet, is Will.I.Am’s DJ but you know I never know who anyone is when I meet them.
The night I snapped this photo he was DJing for Ashlee Simpson’s private event at The Underground. It was so much fun!
I got to stand in line for an hour, in 10 degree weather while the security guards told me that they were at capacity AND that I might not be on the list (they couldn’t seem to make up their mind).
In the end, it worked out just fine. They realized (once my right hand was frost bitten from texting) that they made a mistake and I was overlooked….OOPS! So then I got to go down and meet my friends, who were all completely drunk and sit court side to watch Ashlee’s 10 minute performance.
One overpriced drink later, I busted the hell out of there caught up to DJ Poet on the street.
I thought his style was totally cute…in a grown up skater kind of way.
At some point in his early thirties (I hope) he’ll need to ditch the backpack and chain wallet because that shit doesn’t stay cute forever.


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