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When Bad Clothes Happen to Good People II: Faux Pas Extrordinaire

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When Bad Clothes Happen to Good People II: Faux Pas Extrordinaire

When I found out Malibu rum was having a free drink event I was totally there (because I’m a total whore for free alcohol). When I looked back at the flyer I realized that Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy Pete was hosting and thought, “Oh no, this is going to be interesting”.Annnd, I was totally right.The event turned out to be a wannabe Stoli Hotel with hour long drink lines and bad music.To top it off, everyone there was dressed, um, pretty bad (to say the least). Even the host himself was wearing one of those Middle Eastern scarves that were popular like three seasons ago!For some reason I never seem to learn that nothingcomes without a price tag (especially free booze).

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  • i do have to agree that that was one poorly dressed bunch. however, what about those of us who dress for ourselves and not for trends? i’ve been wearing those shemaghs (the ‘middle eastern scarf’ you referred to) since before they were popular and will continue to do so. who cares that they’re from three seasons ago? it’s about owning your own look. that’s real style.

  • Proof that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. It’s funny how what some people would consider to be bad fashion can be thought of as genius by others. I think you should do more posts like this because not a lot of fashion bloggers talk about their don’ts of fashion. I have to admit hairclips on a fur vest are not so hot. Keep up the good work.

  • Ugh, I live in Chicago and not to completely ruin the purpose of your blog, but I think that our city is one of the worst dressed in the country (well, out of the major cities that is)! I wish people would dress more crazily more often.
    Maybe I’ll run into you one day – I’ll be the girl wearing the top hat!

  • Ha ha ha, you’re a fabulous self-loathing Alkie… ya know, in a good way.

    You abhor the free-booze crowd (The Congress Malibu party, The Hideout Drambouie party) but it’s a small price to pay for the free drinky-drinks and terrible, terrible style.

    I’m dissapointed you didn’t get a picture of some of the Malibu Cougars — wearing ACTUAL leopard-print skirts. It was fab.

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