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If you build it, they will come…
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If you build it, they will come…

Evilolive, usually full of suburban meatheads and eurotrash, was jam packed full of the city’s hipster elite for the ‘Booty Up’ pre-Christmas bash.Kids in stone washed denim, Cosby sweaters and intentionally mismatched outfits juked their hearts out ‘til 4 a.m. to music provided by Autobot, Zebo and MY!GAY!HUSBAND!This was, by far, the best time I have ever had at Evilolive. I ‘m sure if they keep booking good DJ’s this will be the spot. Which for me means, that after a night out dancing, I can pick up my 2 a.m. burrito from Pasadita and be home in my sweat suit in less than 10 minutes.
printdress I like this dress, a lot, but I think she got lost and ended up at the wrong bar.

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  • i must be getting old. i just don’t get it. it seems like all these people do is find the most unflattering outfits at thrift stores and wear them. you might as well have just gone to a department store if you are going to dress like that. there is no hint of a personality there.
    they could at least tailor them or add something to make it a little creative. I thrift store shop all the time, but there is a little art to it, mixing the old and newer. these people just look like clones of 80s people. boring.

  • Ah! So happy to see that you posted about this!! Zebo is a good friend of mine and I was there in full force! I was in the middle of the floor of the front room toward the end of the night dancing like a maniac in a modern seventies printed green with white flower shirt over biker shorts and boots. Glad to see you had a good time!

  • yikes. i’m hoping the “hot mess” tag applies to all. i’m all for a little hipster fashion, but sometimes it’s too much.

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