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Get A Clue…

If you go to a Flosstradamus show there’s no need to expect the unexpected. From personal experience, I can forewarn you that almost every guy in the place will be wearing one of those ridiculous all over print sweatshirts(and the girls are probably in lame but that’s a whole nother’ post).
Fine, all over print was cute last year, for like a minute, but then they hit the flea markets and it was over for me.
Seriously, when are these guys going to realize that they look like giant cookies.




Ok, fine, I can’t lie, I do like the White Sox hoodie just a liiiitle bit. I always have love for South Side Pride!

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  • Our dumb-ass intern last year couldn’t get enough of those shitty pieces. She had this one dumpy hoodie that was teeming with the most vile smiling dolphins. She thought we liked it because we kept making her let us take pictures of her in it in humiliating poses. Sadly for her, we were merely getting ammunition for future blackmail. God, I hate interns.

  • So I met you at Unique today, because you were asking me about those crazy overalls.

    So I bought them and wore them home and they’re fucking rad.

  • samuel,

    i’m sad i didn’t get them but i’m glad you did! please take a GOOD picture in them and i will post it. i want to show the world those overalls!!

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