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Lollapalooza Street Style Inspired Us to Wear LOTS of Gold This Summer
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Lollapalooza Street Style Inspired Us to Wear LOTS of Gold This Summer

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Lollapalooza Street Style I dubbed this Summer, Gold Summer 2k7. Don’t worry, I haven’t been running around in a gold lame body suit but I do add a touch of gold, i.e.- shoe or accessory, to most of my outfits.

During the Lollapalooza events this weekend I spotted three examples that anyone can apply to their wardrobe.

Kate Ciepluch from ShopBop

Kelley Devanathan american apparel

  • grecian sandal
  • grommeted belt
  • quilted purse

Lollapalooza Street Style

Shot with a Sony dsc-p10.

All that Glitters is Gold.. | Lollapalooza Festival | August 3rd – 5th 2007

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  • really? I’ve been looking for a quilted purse like that for when I go out partying. I usually am attracted to big bags and thus have no cute small ones for fast nights out on the town.

    where did you get them?

  • believe me, i live in big bags but these are so perfect for night, especially if you ride your bike to a party and you don’t wanna carry a huge messenger bag.

    i got them at the thrift store on half off monday!

    i snagged every single one and the lady next to me was like,”are you gonna take all of the ones that look that?”

    i was like, “uh, yea. what’s the problem?”

    so i did, and that’s that.


  • she is so cute…love quilted bags, i also i have a fab vintage one for fall, would love a gold one.

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