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{{Social Media}} Follow This: Bodega Cats of Instagram

My favorite thing on the internet right now it the @bodegacatsofinstagram account. It’s exactly like it sounds – pictures of those cute kitties that live at your favorite New York City corner stores….

{{Sex + Dating}} I Woke Up Like This aka Why I'm Not Married Yet

{{Sex + Dating}} I Woke Up Like This aka Why I’m Not Married Yet

Coming back home with my coffee, a really attractive man catches my attention and I can’t help but stare at him because I know him from somewhere. Mind you, I look like a…


{{Food + Drink}} 3 Date Ideas That Will Have You Dying to Try Bagatelle NYC

Although Meatpacking is a quick walk from my apartment in the West Village, it’s only on rare occasion that I choose to go there to eat unless someone suggests it. I’m not sure…

Billecart Salmon

{{Food + Drink}} Champagne For My Real Friends…

Just when I thought rosé season was over Billecart Salmon goes and does me like this. I was fully ready to retreat from the pink drink until next Summer, but I was dragged…


{{Food + Drink}} Eat It: Lobster Rolls

You guys, this is hard for me to admit… I’ve been cheating. It’s just that my beloved – the Vienna Beef hot dog in an S. Rosen poppy seed bun topped with just…


Making Racket In the West Village with Goorin Bros.

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to pick up tennis. The all-white-everything preppy outfits and country club lifestyle have a little something to do with it. But, alas, I’ve never…


Living in a NYC Studio…It’s Really Not So Bad!

Anyone that lives in NYC will tall you that personal space is almost nonexistent but it’s a tradeoff – you live in a shoebox because you know that you’ll never be home anyway….

breakup haircut

Breakup Haircut

Dear Chicago, It’s been real, but we know after every serious relationship the only way to open a new chapter is with a proper breakup haircut…and sometimes color. I’m getting over you with…


7 Things I Learned My First Week Living In New York…

Last August I turned 30. It was that day I had my second quarter life crisis. The first was when I was 24.5. Over the last six years I accomplished more than I had…

Chicago Fashion Blog Wild Belle

NYFW | Tour Up: Wild Belle’s Natalie Bergman Takes on NYC

This past week, Chicago-based band on the verge, Wild Belle took a roadtrip East to play a couple of shows for the NYFW crowd. If you don’t know them yet, we promise you…

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