{{Tech}} Making Fun of the Midwest: Apparently iPhones Are Too Good For the Midwest

I just heard from Fashion Indie that Walmart is selling iPhones for $99. Awesome, right?! They noted that they think it will be great for us hillbillies in the Midwest, so that we can FINALLY see what real civilization (aka Manhattan) looks like via Google Maps. Oh, and I’m pretty sure that he also said that it’s, “like giving a monkey a loaded gun“. Real sweet.

So I guess this asshole didn’t have a TV near by on Election Day or pick up the new GQ, where Chicago, a city in “middle America”, was named City of the Year. I should also assume he hasn’t been to Minneapolis, Omaha, the INDIE music capitol of the U.S., Madison or any other amazing gem in the middle of the country.

Personally, I think giving Midwestern people access to information is a lot less lethal than giving a moron access to a well read blog to voice his (misguided) opinions.


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  • tankboy

    Erm, the $99 Walmart iPhone is still just a rumor of a direction Apple might go in the near future…

  • monica

    Yea, I figured but it was a fun way for me to segue into how ignorant people are about the Midwest. “Like giving a monkey a loaded gun”, did you catch THAT part?

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