For The Boys: Midwest Made Stormy Kromer Hats

stormy kromer hats

As a retired semi-pro baseball player and railroad engineer, the legend of Wisconsin-born George “Stormy” Kromer claims he was a tough dude. And a smart one, too. Tired of losing his hats to gusts of wind, he asked his wife Ida to modify one of his ball caps by sewing ear flaps on both sides way back in 1903. Then the classic “Stormy Kromer” style hat was born.

Popular for its style, warmth and ability to stay in place, the original Stormy (above) now has many different sibling styles from light waxed cotton for spring, the Thinsulate™-lined“Rancher” and the brimless cap, all available for men, women and kiddies.

But the company doesn’t stop at log cabin-cool hats. They’ve got a slew of clothing as well, including Ida’s.

The hats are made in Ironwood, Michigan. They range from about $32 – $45.

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