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The Crow's Nest Montauk Hamptons Food Drink

{{Food + Drink}} Crow’s Nest – Montauk #WITHTHATSHAKE

Let’s get one thing straight, I’m not the kind of girl who talks about my wedding. Of course, I have a secret wedding Pinterest but it’s a catchall for things I randomly stumble…

{{Sex + Dating}} I Woke Up Like This aka Why I'm Not Married Yet

{{Sex + Dating}} I Woke Up Like This aka Why I’m Not Married Yet

Coming back home with my coffee, a really attractive man catches my attention and I can’t help but stare at him because I know him from somewhere. Mind you, I look like a…


{{Food + Drink}} Big Gay Ice Cream #WITHTHATSHAKE


{{Sex + Dating}} My Type of Guy Doesn’t Give A Shit About Ice

Having a nice working lunch at Joseph Leonard by myself. The table next to me is on their first or second date and the guy is someone I’ve seen on online dating since…


{{Travel}} I Went to New Orleans and Made Them #GimmeAllThePoBoys

The architecture, food, music, people, and, well, EVERYTHING in #NOLA stirred up my creative juices in a way that I haven’t felt in a while. I made a personal goal to eat a…


{{Fashion}} 80’s Dad Glasses Are A Thing


{{Fashion}} Can Women Under 70 Wear Berets?

When I think of berets, the first thing that comes to mind is my mom. While there are soooooo many other connotations – beatniks, Rerun from “What’s Happenin’”, the men helped fight crime…


{{Sex + Dating}} “Send Pics” and 12 Other Ways to Spot A Fuckboi

You meet someone you are insanely attracted to on Tinder. It starts out sexy and exciting. It’s exactly what you need after a string of boring dates so you play along. You meet…


{{Lifestyle}} Making My Dreams A Hashtag Reality

February holds a lot of meaning for me… For most people, myself included, it signifies celebration: the home stretch before Spring starts (37 days!), Valentine’s Day, and the crown gem of awards season,…


{{Sex + Dating}} Tinder Date With A Side of Bacon

Went on a date, ordered a platter of bacon, talked about myself the entire time, and told him I’m dating 40 other people. Got asked on a second/was semi-proposed to. Realized I’ve been…

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