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{{Travel}} A Long Weekend in Denver, the Brooklyn of the Mountains

{{Travel}} A Long Weekend in Denver, the Brooklyn of the Mountains Pt. 1 – Wear, Stay, and Eat + Drink

Three hours from New York City by plane, the Rocky Mountain town of Denver is emerging as an alternative to popular hipster travel destinations like Austin, Portland, and Nashville. Just like the others,…


{{Food + Drink}} 3 Date Ideas That Will Have You Dying to Try Bagatelle NYC

Although Meatpacking is a quick walk from my apartment in the West Village, it’s only on rare occasion that I choose to go there to eat unless someone suggests it. I’m not sure…

glamour app

Mobile App Promises to Keep You Warm + Make that Blowout last

Glamour Mag just introduced a new stand-alone mobile app called, COAT?. On-the-go girls can finally leave the house prepared for life’s toughest situations. Like, whether or not to throw an umbrella in your…

Billecart Salmon

{{Food + Drink}} Champagne For My Real Friends…

Just when I thought rosé season was over Billecart Salmon goes and does me like this. I was fully ready to retreat from the pink drink until next Summer, but I was dragged…


{{Trends}} Caramels are the New Crystals

About a year ago I texted a friend … Probably sounds like it’s coming out of left field but, when you find someone that shares your love/knack for spotting emerging trends it becomes…

Same-Sex Marriage is Officially Legal in ALL 50 States

Same-Sex Marriage is Officially Legal in ALL 50 States

Same-sex marriage is FINALLY legal in all 50 states. Today the U.S. Supreme Court made ruled marriage between two humans is OK regardless of the way their genitals intermingle. Can we get an…


Just a Few #RUDE Thoughts on the 2015 Met Gala (and a Couple of Nice Ones, Too…)

Some thoughts on the 2015 Met Gala… #RELATIONSHIPGOALS Not sure what this has to do with China but I’m into it. She needs to be stopped. The queen has been overthrown. These women…

Sophia Loren

{{Babes}} HBIC: The OG Big Booty B – Sophia Loren

…cuz you should never, ever feel bad about having a big ole’ butt. Follow Monica’s board Head B*tches In Charge on Pinterest.

Summer Job Interview

{{Fashion}} No-Sweat Summer Job Interview Essentials

Maybe you’ve just graduated from college and you’re looking for your first “real job” in the city, or, like me, trying to find a new opportunity with a cool company — either way,…


{{Food + Drink}} Eat It: Lobster Rolls

You guys, this is hard for me to admit… I’ve been cheating. It’s just that my beloved – the Vienna Beef hot dog in an S. Rosen poppy seed bun topped with just…

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