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Motor City's Bad Rap (and Rapper) Get Some Super Bowl Sunday Love

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Motor City's Bad Rap (and Rapper) Get Some Super Bowl Sunday Love

Detroit is a city that, more often than not, gets pegged as the Midwest’s shantytown, beat down, or just plain dangerous. (Let’s get real, we’ve all seen 8 Mile.)

To try and change that view and shed a good light on the city(AND sell luxury vehicles), Chrysler ran a poignantly-shot commercial on Super Bowl Sunday featuring images of Detroit’s famous landmarks. It was so moving, I almost looked up flight info on Kayak. But then, Eminem appeared, who I actually like/have a crush on and I’m like…”um, what?”. It just didn’t seem like the right culmination.

Did YOU lose yourself in the moment or think the ending was (slim)shady?(Sorry, I felt like I had to.)

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