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For the Boys: Less is more

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For the Boys: Less is more

Forget the spring cliches of wearing color, floral and more color. Just because turquoise is the Pantone color du jour doesn’t mean you need to wear garish paisley prints in the louder-than-necessary hue. Why not set yourself apart by blending in? Rather than wear Jersey Shore-offensive graphic tees or Day Glo shirts like every other schmo, look for well-crafted, understated items with leather features to give off an air of casual indifference. To that end, check out some of these easy-going goods:
[1] You probably know Timberland for its chunky, utilitarian work boots, but have you seen its Timberland Boot Company collection? Superbly crafted with the same level-headed pragmatism the company is known for, these boots are a rugged throwback to a simpler time of thoughtful style. (Timberland Boot Company)
[2] Alright, so this is a white shirt from preppy-polo-bastion J. Crew. But when the linen comes from the Baird McNutt mill in Ireland, with an impeccable fit and just-so casual air, you shut up and ignore its widespread availability to the masses. (J.Crew)
[3] Behind the minimal, expertly crafted leather goods line Billykirk are brothers Chris and Kirk Bray. Their so-simple-you-can-cry designs are beyond unpretentious; the philosophy of Billykirk is for each item to blend seamlessly into someone’s outfit. Frankly, that’s a little hard to do; with something as sharp-looking as this bike frame bag, you can’t help but stand out. (Billykirk)
[4] Fast-fashion outfit American Eagle Outfitters may be the parent company of the stylishly austere Martin + Osa, but don’t let that stop you from checking out their wares. Inspired by the lives of native Kansans and husband-wife adventurers Martin and Osa Johnson, this brand hawks wonderfully low-key, high-quality goods like this tote, featuring leather straps and oil-finished cotton. Just don’t call it a murse. (Martin + Osa)
[5] By now, you’ve probably heard of handmade DIY market Etsy. What you may not have heard of is online shop Marriane Handcraft Watch Studio. Based in South Korea and utilizing Japanese watch expertise, these one-of-a-kind watches evoke a Rudyard Kipling-type sentiment. Each watch can be fully customized by you, from band to face, ensuring that your preferences and character shine through. (Marriane Handcraft Watch Studio)

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