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{{Music}} Lookbook

Midwest Music: Lookbook

Midwest Music: Lookbook
Hailing from the Northern part of our collective region, Minneapolis’s very own Lookbook is throwing it way back to the pop aesthetic of yesteryear while keeping things fresh. Intertwining a warm and buoyant mixture of new wave and classic rock, front gal Maggie Morrison’s vocals drift in with a reminiscing tone of Stevie Nicks and Chrissie Hynde, accompanying the heavy synth drive of partner in crime, Grant Cutler. The bass pulsates, building like layers on a cake until it can no longer contain its own power and erupts into a chorus, hook, line and sinker. Named best new Minneapolis band, it is not too hard to see why they reach a broad spectrum of listeners. Tracks like True to Form and Yesterdays Company keep the simple structure of upbeat Top 40 while Wild at Heart and My Darkness hold a vintage gloom.
Basically, they sound like Tears for Fears with female vocals and I mean that in the best way possible. There are plenty of bogus hipsters attempting this very sound and most often failing miserably, drowning in a pool of their own need to be unique. It touches you, not in a creepy uncle kind of way, but strikes a nostalgic cord that makes you thing of the first time you heard Disintegration or watched Sixteen Candles.
Lookbook is not trying to be anything they aren’t. This is pop music for the sake of pop. No one’s mind is being blown or anything, but its fun and easy to listen to, which is hard to say about a slew of other synth-pop obnoxiousness. Their latest release, Wild at Heart is available ON VINYL through Listening Party Records. It’s worth a listen

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