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Beauty Mark: Walk the Walk – Two Faced Walk of Shame Kit
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Beauty Mark: Walk the Walk – Two Faced Walk of Shame Kit

Sometimes there’s just nothing you can do – the chemistry is so overwhelming and the dude is so cute and your privates happen to be freshly shaved. You’ve had one or five too many drinks and whoops, the next thing you know you’re missing a contact lens, your debit card, and your dignity.
Never fear: the Too Faced Walk of Shame Kiticon ($38) is here for us sluts. It includes a compact with two eyeshadows and a blush, eyeshadow base, makeup primer, lipstick, a travel toothbrush, mints, and a satin clutch to carry it in. Throw a couple ibuprofen in there, grab a bottle of Gatorade, and you’ll be all set to spend the next day contemplating your Catholic guilt and the trajactory of your life.
While you might not be able to look yourself in the mirror morally, at least you’ll be presentable for the walk or $30 cab ride back to your apartment.

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