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Land of Link-in: Thursday, February 11

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Land of Link-in: Thursday, February 11

[1] Move over, Mary Kate, you’re blocking my view: Is an online Fashion Week a sign of the times? Yes. Yes it is. The likes of Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Rodarte and Alexander Wang will be live streaming their shows, giving us proletariat a glimpse of their collections before they hit stores. Hey, it’s an excuse to dress up in sweats/Snuggies and pretend like you’re chatting up Anna (cuz that’s how you roll). Source: NY Daily News
[2] Marc Jacobs’ show online: awesome. QVC on the red carpet: WTF?! That’s right, friends: the ubiquitously lame QVC shopping network will be at the Oscars. The horror! The humanity! The… hammered stretch bracelet by Issac Mizrahi? The “democratization of fashion” aside, this is just wacky. Simply wacky. Source: LA Times
[3] Frankly, I’ve been waiting all year for this. Time to plan! Chiditarod!
[4] Hows about a little nostalgia on a fine, frigid Thursday? Sweet Valley High will soon make a comeback on bookshelves everywhere. This time around, though, Jessica and Elizabeth will be in their 20s. Enough to warm the cockles of your cold, black heart? Maybe; here’s hoping one is a whore and the other took up a drug problem at Sweet Valley University. Light reading, indeed. Source: Jezebel
[5] As lame as it is to “join” things on Facebook, this is by far the most important page you need to join. Like, now.

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