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Tis The Season: The MidWasteland's Top 5 Favs for the Holidays- Diana's Picks
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Tis The Season: The MidWasteland's Top 5 Favs for the Holidays- Diana's Picks

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1. Peruvian Wool Hat Kit | Wool andthe Gang
“My attention span and patiencerun thin at times so why not test them by trying to knitmyself a winter hat. A girl can try.”

2. Faux Fur Trapper Hat | Shopbop Basics
“My ears can’t handle anotherwinter alone and with this hat I can get in touch with nature while roaming the city streets.”

3. Flip HD Handheld Camera
“Whatever happened to thegood ole days when our parents would film everything? This Flip is theperfect size to help start the tradition up again. Even better, it holdhours of footage when you’re on the go.”

4. Tangram Shelves | Lago
“Wall art in themselves, these bookshelves just make me happy looking at them.”

5. Saw and Teeth Double Strand Necklace | Triskaidekaphobia
“Unique, fascinating, quirky and justmy style. Even though I can
barely pronounce the brand’s name, I love everything in their hospital-inspired winter collection!”

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