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Beauty Mark: Pump It Up!

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Beauty Mark: Pump It Up!

Can you believe how cold it’s been lately? Totally bogus. First no summer, now no fall?! This especially irks me because fall is my favorite time of year – the smells, the colors, the sweaters. And most of all, the pumpkin! Pumpkin-flavored everything is everywhere right now but you don’t have to limit yourself to just pumpkin spice lattes. Here’s a list of girly pumpkin things to warm you up this (quasi-)season:
* 1. Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Body Lotion ($9.50) – Hints of apple, cranberry, cinnamon, pumpkin and clove will have you nibbling your arm by lunchtime.
* 2. Philosophy’s Pumpkin Spice Muffin Flavored Lip Shine ($12) – A shimmery, non-sticky lip gloss that tastes just like pie.
* 3. Demeter’s Pumpkin Pie Fragrance ($20 / 1oz. bottle) – Demeter is known for recreating some pretty specific smells (celery, leather, grass) so this pumpkin scent is par for the course. (FYI: According to one study, the smell of pumpkin pie increases arousal levels in men by 40%. Get it, girl.)
* 4. Lamas Pumpkin Spice Polish ($24) – With a blend of pumpkin oil, soy protein, aloe vera and vitamin E, this scrub cleans, exfoliates, and polishes.
If you’re more of a moderate pumpkin fan, how about a homemade pumpkin face mask. Not only does it smell good but pumpkin has great health benefits – high in vitamin A (for skin-healing), vitamin C (an anti-oxidant), and zinc (which acts as an astringent). The recipe is 2 teaspoons canned pureed pumpkin, 1/2 teaspoon honey, and 1/4 teaspoon milk. Those with dry skin can add a 1/2 teaspoon brown sugar and those with oily skin can add a 1/4 teaspoon natural cranberry juice. Combine ingredients, apply to face avoiding eyes, and let sit for 15 minutes.Link to image:

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