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Beauty Mark: Blast Off

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Beauty Mark: Blast Off

I, like most girls I know, am always on the look-out to find The BestMascara.  My Old Faithful for a long time had been Maybelline’s GreatLash ($5 at drugstores).  It’s a tradition – my mom used it, her momused it, my aunts use it.  Everyone knows that little pink tube.
But then I got older.  “There’s got to be more outthere for me,” I thought.  “This can’t be all there is!”  I have a “real job” now, Ican spend my moneyfrivolously on girly things like expensive mascara.  I thought I’dfound The One when fate (read: gay manager at Sephora) brought meto Fresh’s Supernova Mascara ($25).  It was lovely – wonderfulconsistency, a lengthening and separating brush.  We had a passionatelove affair…until I wasn’t feeling it anymore (it dried out).  Then Ihad this fling with L’oreal’s Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara ($7 at drugstores) that I don’t even want to talk about.  Never again.
So when Cover Girl’s Lash Blast ($9) launched last year I didn’t paymuch attention. I’d moved on to designer mascara.  Cover Girl, ShmoverGirl.  But then the internet was abuzz with how good it is: “This is the first mascara that I’ve tried in years that makes my lashes look noticeably fuller,” and “Best mascara on the planet!!!” Cover Girl’s website has 422 customer reviews of this stuff.  422 womentook time out of their day to tell the internet about it.  I had to seefor myself.
My verdict is it’s great.  It’s really great.  It’s the healthiestmascara relationship I’ve ever had.  All the magic here is in the wand(When isn’t it?).  It’s one of those plastic spiky ones which I’mnormally hesitant to use but here, with the consistency of theformula, it works wonders.  My eyelashes are naturally pretty long soI’m not too bummed that it’s not that great for lengthening but itgives fantastic volume.  I think fashionistas and soccer moms alike wouldfall for this one.  My favorite part about it is that it’s really,truly not clumpy!  I think we’ll be happy together for quite a while.

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