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Latest Obsession: Harem Veils

If you follow fashion closely, you’ve seen the Harem Pant slowly creep into our lives over the last year or so. Even if you haven’t seen them in a neighborhood near you, I guarantee that they (and their variants: jodhoppers, drop crotch, and high rise, pleated trousers) are around and here to stay.

As the pants make their rounds through the US, it is no surprise that the Middle Eastern staple has begun to inspire a new trend with the same roots- the Harem Veil.

I first spotted one live, on the runway at Glamorama last Friday, during the Jean-Paul Gaultier portion. Models donned the designer’s high fashion dominatrix gear styled with the sheer masks a la his Fall RTW runway show. The very next day, I watched Jay Z’s new video, “Run This Town“, set in post-apocalypticQueens, featuring Rihanna exhibiting the sheer veil as an accompaniment to her mostly black, militant wardrobe.

These sightings have gotten me totally intrigued with the eye accessory and wondering where they are going to pop up next. On the streets? Probably not in the Midwest but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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