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Chicago: Addicted to KokoRokoko

Neon high tops, acid wash andglitter caps, is this the scene of a 80s mixer? No, this is the newstorefront on 1112 N. Ashland, KokoRokoko.
Offering up all the delightfulthreads of the 80s and 90s, owners Sasha Hodges and boyfriend Ross Kellyhave a long living passion for fashion. “We both collect clothingand accessories like crazy,” Hodges said.

Both owners moved to Chicagofrom Boston three years ago. Hodges began her career here as a freelancestylist and Kelly worked in high end buying. His previous experienceworking at Alcala’s Western Wear, 1733 W. Chicago Ave provides himwith the knowledge to restore any leatherwear and sneakers the storebrings in.
Hodges said she’s alwayswanted to open a store like this in the past but became serious aboutthe idea last December and just a few months later in February theywere ready to open. “I love presenting things to people in a way theywould never think of. Clothing is all context,” Hodges said.
The concept for the store camefrom a lack of 80s and 90s apparel available to most vintage stores.Hodges said often you would go into those stores and find they onlyfocus on the 60s and 70s.
In addition to vintage, KokoRokokocarries independent designers who mostly use recycled materials. “Ipicked designers where each piece is unique,” Hodges said. Volk! byDanny Volk is a series of purses. Another line carried is Manimal fromBrooklyn, which uses scrap pieces of leather to make jewelry.
In the future, Hodges plansto have monthly parties including a record sale, art events and a springsales event.

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