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Making Fun of the Midwest: The Snuggie Sensation

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Making Fun of the Midwest: The Snuggie Sensation

Four people sitting on a couch with blankets around them.

Okay, so the Snuggie thing was absolutely made for the Midwest. Lets face it, winter sucks and we’re all desperate to find something to bring warmth, light and joy into our world. Unfortunately, the Snuggie sensation has been misguidedly identified as our heroin, our savior, our cure for the doldrums and though its been giving me some chuckles, I’m really scared that there are people out there not buying these things as a joke.

In case you are out of the loop entirely, Its a blanket with sleeves.  That’s it. Nothing more. It’s crappy, Grade F airplane blanket with sleeves. I can’t believe it, but I just finished reading an New York Times article about the Snuggie and found this delightful exchange:

“It would be nice if it had pockets,†she said.

“It’s a blanket with sleeves,†I replied. “What you are talking about is called a jacket.—

In case you really haven’t gotten into snuggie culture yet and you would like to, you’re in luck! We’re one of the few areas of the country who are having a Snuggie Pub Crawl. It’ll be held April 18th; you and the 3043 other Snuggie Pubbers will at Lincoln Park’s Apartment and you can find out more info Here. 

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