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Who is Solve
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Who is Solve

He’s an action, a mission, a question, a mental and verbal challenge,curated by those who knew him best, On June 14, 2008, 24 year-oldBrendan Scanlon, a street artist and grahic designer who went by thename Solve, was stabbed to death in Logan’s Square. Although no longerwith us, Solve left behind an already amazing collection of street art,and Country Club Chicago – in conjunction with RGB (a loose collectiveof Solve’s friends and fellow “taggers”) is proud to present aninstallation highlighting the fresh and fierce street work of thisprolific and talented young artist.
Who is Solve? – will includenot only a soft sculpture attached to Solve’s bike and hung from theceiling, but also a treasure trove of photographs and videos of Solve’sextensive and electric street and performance art, including footagefrom February 2008 when he gained a great deal of attention (andinspired an equal amount of commuter confusion) by placing a televisionset on a Blue Line “L” train stenciled with the message “We areexperiencing legal difficulties.”
Come to Country Club Chicagoon Friday, January 16th for the opening of this clever, edgy,multi-dimensional show and answer the question for yourself.

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