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Legs by Lindsay
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Legs by Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan launched her line of leggings (6126) at Henri Bendel on Monday and…she wore THIS. Yes, those are perfectly designed holes, HOLES!
Maybe if they were a result of a wild cat fight she was entangled in or a cat going crazy on her legs, something! It would have given them more street cred.
6126 are the digits of Marilyn Monroe’s birthday. She sure is milking the Marilyn thing isn’t she…I wonder if Marilyn would have worn leggings? I’m not sure she would have. Not the most flattering thing on a size 10, for one.
Don’t get me wrong. I get the appeal. They are comfortable and paired with the right things by the right lady they can create a hip, casual look. But, more often then not, I think they go south (i.e. leggings with a jean skirt, which girls are STILL wearing).
I think it would just be better for all if the trend didn’t perpetuate. Although, I was sort of fond of the leather legging, but I really see them more as a super tight pant. Just imagine how much better she would of looked without the stupid leggings? The outfit is doing nothing for the promotion of her line, if you ask me.
She also has some in leopard and zebra prints…GAH!

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