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Oscar Wins My Vote

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Oscar Wins My Vote

Two women in yellow and white standing next to each other.

I don’t like Cindy Mccain(or her husband for that matter) but I sure as hell loved her RNC dress.

I can barely stand to look at the old barbie doll but the other day I was floored when she came on stage in an amazing mustard, 50’s style frock, which I came to learn was Oscar de la Renta. Even her accessories, from the pearl necklace to the Chanel

Watch, we absolutely eye catching.

I felt like that outfit was “so me”. It really goes to show that if we open our eyes a little bit we will realize that the Mccain’s really are “just like us”. Hmmm, I don’t know about you, but I sure can’t afford to spend 3,000 on a party dress.

Just reason #3,432,021 for me NOT to vote for Mccain.

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