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I Love TV: 9021-Ok, I Guess…

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I Love TV: 9021-Ok, I Guess…

I’m usually never bored but last night’s episode of 90210 totally did it for me. 2 hours = way too long. If it wasn’t for the photos I had to edit I would’ve fallen asleep.
I understand it was the first episode an all but this show ain’t got nothin on the original.
Half of the reason to watch the show is for eye candy and the new guys they got are just OK, no where near Branden/Dylan hot. And the girls, with the exception for Silver, are all dumb or have distracting moles. Maybe it’s because I’m old now but the only people I though were remotely attractive were the teachers and parents. Except Brenda, throw her back into hiding, not interested.
Or maybe I was just so weary from waiting for the stupid Cubs game to end, that I was cranky and delusional. Who knows.
I’m sure I’ll give it a second chance if I’m around on a Tuesday night, Ryan Eggold is reason enough.

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