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I'm Not A Photographer, I Just Play One On The Internet

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I'm Not A Photographer, I Just Play One On The Internet

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It’s funny when people look at my camera and ask me if I’m a photographer. It’s funny to me at least, because I’m not and when I tell them that, they become really confused/irate. I mean, technically, I take a lot of pictures, so I guess I could be construed as a “photographer” but I have no formal training and I definitely don’t get paid for it. I guess that’s why I was the one that was confused when a copy of ‘American Photographer’, with my name on it, appeared on my desk this morning.
Was it possibly an ex lover, secret admirer or friendly, PR company sending me a gift??

Either way, I’ll take it. The issue I received just so happens to be their special fashion issue, so I’m definitely interested in perusing. Another plus, hottie ANTM judge, Nigel Barker is on the cover!

So who ever you are, thanks and I love you. Maybe I’ll learn how to use my camera now instead of just pretending.

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