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I just found out the best news ever….
This September the CW will, once again, post streaming episodes of Gossip Girl on their website! That means I can catch every episode of the second season without having to scour Japanese Youtube or waiting for Skeet Skeet to post it. Finally, no more subtitles!!!
This decision came after network execs realized that die hard GG fans, like me, were downloading the show from every possible digital outlet they could get their hands on.
The CW stated that they will begin to stream the episodes because they “want to be the primary destination for all things Gossip Girl” but we really know it because of the scrilla.
Obviously it’s going to be harder for them to make money off of an online episode that has half as many commercials but they figured, and rightly so, that “un-monetized viewers is better than angry viewers—or no viewers at all”.

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