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Love Sucks…(A Guide to Being Your Own Valentine)
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Love Sucks…(A Guide to Being Your Own Valentine)

If you’re a single gal this Valentine’s Day don’t fret It’s not time to start scouring for a date or crying if you can’t find him. Instead, take charge and treat yourself to everything your little heart desires. Even if you had a boyfriend you know he’d get it all wrong anyway.
1. Strike A Pose
30 years from now when your boobs are hanging down to your knees and those toned arms you worked so hard for are flapping in the wind you’ll be missing your twenty-something figure. G Boutique is offering the perfect opportunity to capture your beauty as well as unleash your inner vixen with a customized pin-up shot. You’ll get all dolled up by Michelle Lamour and the G Girls. At the end you’ll end up with a photo that will show you how hot you are now AND then. Call for details.
G Boutique | 2131 N. Damen Ave. |Chicago, IL 60647 |P. (773) 235-1234
2. Flower Em-power
You shouldn’t have to feel left out on v-day when you see flowers pouring into the office and none of which are for you. Instead of feeling down, pick yorself up by sending yourself a huge bouquet like the “So Beautiful” assortment from Phillips Flower Shop. You’ll get a glass vase stuffed with a combination of assorted pink roses and fresh carnations. Yes, I said carnations! They might be a filler flower but if they were good enough for Carrie (Bradshaw) then they are good enough for us. Cap off the gift with a card signed,” xoxo, secret admirer” because you know it will make those girls with rocks super jealous and that alone is worth it.
Click Here or call (630) 719-5200 to order.
3. A Girls Best Better Friend
If Diamonds are a girl’s best friend then I’d like to think of chocolate as her big sister. She’s sweet, always there when you need her and makes you feel fat when she’s around but you can’t help but love her. Chocolate cravings are especially high around this amourous holiday, especially when you’re sans boyfriend. Put down the bag of Hershey’s Kisses and head over to Coco Rouge for a real chocolate experience. The shop offers a large selection of decadent truffles topped with intricate garnishes and delectable centers. If you aren’t up for the challenge, get one of the classic truffles and wash it down with a specialty coffee.
Coco Rouge |1940 W. Division St. | Chicago, IL 60622 | 773-772-2626
4. Love Your Booty
Just because your skivvies won’t be on display for a boy to see on VDay is no excuse to bust out your granny panties. Feel sexy on Vday (and every day after) with your very own personalized pair of undies care of Chicago based lingerie company, Evlove Intimates. Satisfy your female…err…creative urges, and visit their online boutique to customize your pair. Evlove has a wide array of cut and color options that will fit any ladies booty-type. The beauty of it all, you’ll be mulling over hundreds of combinations for your sexy night solo while your coworkers are squirming in the uncomfortable corsets that will barely be
5.onyeearly to bed

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