{{Social Media}} We’re Tumbling! Are You??


Hey Friends!

Just wanted to give you a little update as to what’s going on here at The MidWasteland. We’re taking a two week hiatus before summer officially begins. In that time, we’ll be making a few minor changes on the site in preparation for the big changes we’re about to make around here. Three years in the making!

Meanwhile you can browse our archives and follow us on our Tumblr blog. It is a syndication of content from The MidWasteland with the addition of musictracks we love, photos that inspire us, random quips from nights on thetown, and reblogs via other Tumblrs.

Feel free to ASK US A QUESTION or SUBMIT A STREET STYLE PHOTO when you’re there!

PS: I’ll be in Minneapolis the weekend of June 4th. Email me at monica@themidwasteland with tips on where to eat and thrift while I’m there.


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