Pitchfork Media Festival: 07.14 – 07.15

“Hollywood” Montrose

A dream catcher

“You’re like the SECOND person that took a picture of me!!”

…..Gosh, I Wonder Why?


See any similarities?

Boho Chic with smart accessories.

Lily Allen (on tranquilizers)

“Not Interested”

Day 1

Princess Train Wreck

….it can’t get any worse than this.
(**nail bites**)
(**awkward collar pull**)


Day 2-
Color Coordin-NOT!

Let’s thank god that there wasn’t a “Day 3”

Typically a womans accessory used to shield herself from sunlight. Derived from “para” meaning prepare or shield and “sol” meaning sun. Gained popularity in 17th century Europe.

“This is my daughter’s umbrella. She didn’t come today…Look! It says ‘Audrey’ on top!”

…I couldn’t figure out which was weirder, the fact that he was wet and it wasn’t raining or that his daughter’s name wasn’t Audrey.

Like Mike…
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The Pack is Back!
“Wear these nineties comebacks off to the side rather than front and center — so you don’t become the butt of a joke.”
NY Magazine 09.11.06

pitchfork 2008

way·far·er (w?’fâr’?r)

1. a pedestrian who walks from place to place
2. a traveler going on a trip

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