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{{Travel}} Bear Mountain State Park

Bear Mountain State Park is a 5,205-acre state park located on the west side of the Hudson River in Rockland County, New York. What to wear to hike Bear Mountain: BARBOUR ‘BRAE’ QULITED…

{{Trends}} Caramels are the New Crystals

About a year ago I texted a friend … Probably sounds like it’s coming out of left field but, when you find someone that shares your love/knack for spotting emerging trends it becomes…

Latest Obsession: Tick Tock

Latest Obsession: Tick Tock

  Although I have never really bothered to adjust the time on any of my watches after departingĀ  different timezones (thereby serving no practical purpose), I feel like watches give people such personalities…

What To Wear: Valentine's Day

What To Wear: Valentine’s Day

Candy hearts, trips to Hallmark, and digging through your drawers for the “special underwear;” it’s apparently that time of year again. Lucky that the snow has decided to fall upon us days before…

Latest Obsession: The Perfect Sweatshirt

Latest Obsession: The Perfect Sweatshirt

  Looking through my closet I realized my large collection of basic sweatshirts, which all have been part of my journey to find THE perfect sweatshirt. Coming across model Natasha Poly I realized…

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