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Midwest Street Style: Kansas City, MO

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Midwest Street Style: Kansas City, MO

Ah, good ole Kansas City, the city of fountains and barbecue and ummm, uhhhh…not much else.
So maybe I didn’t spend enough time there to be a good judge but from the looks of things, the place is B-O-R-I-N-G.Well, I can’t say that it was boring the whole time. There was this one block I was really impressed with. Yes, I did say ONE. It was the stretch of 18th. St between Baltimore and Wyandott Streets in the Crossroads Arts District.
The boutiques were adorable and I found a cute coffee shop to steal WiFi.
But, needless to say, I didn’t capture much street style.


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  • the funny thing is over 75% of the kids you photographed for lawrence street style actually live in kansas city, and they were just in lawrence for the show. so even if you did find much good street style to photograph, you would have been shooting the same people on two different days.

  • yea, 6 of them told me they were from KC.
    the streets were DESOLATE when i was there.
    i had high hopes after meeting you?/them in lawrence.
    where was everyone?? where do people hang out in KC???

  • you really missed out on kansas city if you say it was that bad. this city is awesome, full of awesome style as well. where did you even go? hit up the art institute area or the art museum district…go to the crossroads…wesport would have been great… come on, give this place some credit.

  • I had HIGH hopes. I just don’t think I was given enough direction. I visited crossroads and I loved it. There’s always next time…

  • I’m a KC native and am pretty offended you judged a whole city by one street. The Crossroad district is nice and all but if you are looking for ‘hangouts’ durnig the day you should have chose Westport or the Plaza . Do you know anyone from the city that could have shown you around? Its not Chicago where you can get around with a Wallpaper City Guide.

  • No reason to be offended, Shelby.

    Like I said below…
    “I had HIGH hopes. I just don’t think I was given enough direction. I visited crossroads and I loved it. There’s always next time…”

    I didn’t know anyone and didn’t get much advice from locals.

    BUT, there is always a next time!!!

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