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Gloss-ary: Paste Magazine's Hipster Evolution
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Gloss-ary: Paste Magazine's Hipster Evolution

Hipster Evolution
Paste Magazine ran a spread about the evolution of hipster culture over the last decade. They show highlights like the year of Emo, plaid shirts, mustaches, vintage fashion, beards, nerd glasses, and the ex-love of my life, Sparks.
Overall, I think this was a great concept but the time line seems a little off. Sparks consumption was at its peak in 06 and wolf t-shirts were on their way out 09.
Take a look and tell us what you think. Did they miss anything, add anything that was inaccurate, or were they right on?

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  • Hipsters are the new prepsters! I have siblings in high school and no one really dresses A&F preppy anymore…
    they all dress like sweet little hipsters. Urbancrombie and Fitch forever!

  • It’s pretty right on I’d say. It’s a “culture” that has been completely built around brand association, as so accurately depicted in the photos… PBR, American Spirits, Miller High Life, and the FASHION my god, the fashion… they should have just called it the evolution from Hot Topic to Urban Outfitters.

  • Where was I in 04/05 when hipsters were smoking pipes and riding Vespas???

    I think I’m still kind of a combination of the 06-08 hipsters wrapped up into a neat package.

  • that chart is a gimmick that makes me want to throw up all over the inside of this magazine and then throw it at the authors lame face

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