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Bargain Hunting: Diana Shoes
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Bargain Hunting: Diana Shoes

You might have heard that Chicago’s city tax is up to 10.25% these days, which means all my money is going to important things like gas and rent. Whereas last year at this time, I spent most of my money on manicures, sushi, and clothes(because I really NEED all 6 black cardigans). So in order to satisfy my shopping habit, I’ve learned to sniff out the city’s best bargains.
One place I’ve been hitting up lately for shoe addiction is Diana Shoes on Milwaukee. Yes, I’ll admit from the outside it looks like a strippers paradise. They definitely have more plastic wedges than the eye can see but once you’re inside you’ll find the cheapest gladiators in town. They even come in an array of shades. I found an amazing pair of white patent and an embossed gold pair, both for under $19.99.
So in this recession, my best advice, is to hit up the places that look a little creepy from the outside, you might be surprised at what they have to offer.
Diana Shoes | 1272 N Milwaukee Ave. | Chicago, IL 60622

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  • where on milwaukee is this???? do you have an address/cross street?
    i’d love to go check it out

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