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Kell on Earth: Fashion Weak.
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Kell on Earth: Fashion Weak.

Here’s some advice, Stephanie Vorhees: Learn how to label/mail/stamp an envelope. It’s not hard. It doesn’t require your finance degree. Hell, it doesn’t require more than a simple brain synapse. I get it: this is your first big fashion job, but really? Really?! You, miss, are an account executive; what the hell is wrong with you?
In other People’s Revolution happenings: One (uncouth) fashion girl is all offended-like when Emily tells her to stop snapping gum (disgusting, to be sure); Nic(h)olas Petrou is a major asshole posing as a high-power gay; and if there was any doubt before, there isn’t now: Kelly Cutrone knows how to do her fucking job.
Exhibit A: At Petrou’s showroom, she takes charge with his racks of “clothes.” Pulling her I’ve-done-this-for-years-and-this-is-what-they’ll-say-sucks schtick, Kelly kicks ass and takes names. “These are cool but no one will wear them. I like avant garde, but no one else does. Don’t show these.” Hell. Yes. I just wish she came out and said how ugly everything was. Cuz it’s true.
Exhibit B: She not only threatened (and followed through) on a small claims lawsuit on Petrou, she then proceeded to Facebook about it immediately following the phone call. With a smile. Don’t mess with Kelly: She will cut you.
Anything I missed? Am I the only one addicted to the show?

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