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ACCESSORIES: Gossip Girl Inspiration
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ACCESSORIES: Gossip Girl Inspiration

gossip girl accessories
On Gossip Girl, the stylist is faced with the challenge of how to keep the girls looking stylish even when they’re in their uniforms. To solve that dilemma he overaccessorizes them which, in turn, leads to some major inspiration for me.
Since basics are like my daily uniform, I also use accessories to give my outfits some ‘oomph'(do people sat that anymore?) I have a wide array of scarves(obvi), belts, earrings an necklaces that I pile on to make me feel pulled together. After reusing my accessories in the same way over and over again, it’s refreshing to see them on other people. It seems to give me a little clarity and help jumpstart my wardrobe, which is a good idea for everyone when a new season starts.
This Monday, as I watched GG, I definitely got my fall jumpstart.
I first noticed the awesome belt(1) Blair was wearing with her gym uniform. It totally plays into the bow trend for fall and could be worn with just about anything. I have something similar in gold that I think I’ll be pulling out a little more often, now.
Then there was the girl with the ginormous pearl necklace(2). I fell in love immediately. Some girls love diamonds, some girls love pearls. I am a pearl kind of girl. Just something about them that’s so classic. The idea of mixing big with small is genius. I will be stealing the idea.
An last but not least, there was Serena in the Axl Rose headband(3). I couldn’t get over it. It mostly blew my mind because I’ve worn the same look before but I wasn’t convinced that it was acceptable. But seeing Serena wear it made me feel a little more at ease, so I’ll be doing it again.
I can only hope these little accessories tidbits help to jumpstart your wardrobe, too. XOXO.

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