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My Big Fat Chicago Fatburger

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My Big Fat Chicago Fatburger

Why I love Kanye, Reason #3,422:
My Chi guy Kanye is set to open 10 Fatburgers in Chicago over the next year. If you don’t know Fatburger, it is a west coast burger chain that prides themselves on having the highest quality product and the freshest ingredients. Lean beef, homemade onion rings, real ice cream and everything is made to order, no heat lamps! My mouth is already watering and once you look at the menu, yours will too.
And it’s not just beef burgers. They have also have turkey burgers, veggie burgers and chicken sandwiches. And, to top it off, even their add-ons(bacon, egg, chili or cheese) sound amazing. Yea, I’ll take all four.
Only issue I have, the first locations are slated for Lagrange and Beverly…NO WHERE NEAR ME!! Though I’m sure I know a few foodies, like myself, that would be willing to take the road trip.

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