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For The Boys: I Wish Upon A Shoe
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For The Boys: I Wish Upon A Shoe

It’s not often that a guy admits to having a shoe fetish, but I’ll gladly admit it. Shoes are that irrefutable fashion punctuation mark that can take an outfit from “fine” to “fantastic.” While I lament that women have more choices in regards to footwear – though that is the nature of fashion and design – there are certain pairs that I am currently working towards, with the hope of one day having better shoes than one Carrie Bradshaw.
The Topsider:
Sperry Topsiders are the Converse for the Nantucket set. Comfortable, reliable and classic, they are the perfect complement to tailored shorts and a cardigan, or with an old distressed pair of jeans and favorite t-shirt. The more casual, the better, as the topsider will finish the look. Think modern loafer with a little more character, and you’ve got Topsiders.
The Moccasin:
Many an indie boy (and girl) don these year-round, but the versatility of leather and the comfort they provide make them perfect for the summer. Like the topsider, moccasins can be worn with just about anything; a look I particularly enjoy employs madras shorts with a polo (collar un-popped, thank you very much) and denim jacket, finished off with a pair of white moccasins (sockless of course). Or, you can make like the gents of Wicker Park and sport Cheap Mondays, an American Apparel v-neck and some mocs found at Salvation Army. To each their own, I say.
Manolo Blahniks:
I can’t write an entry about shoes without talking about this reigning visionary of footwear. Sex and the City, particularly Ms. Bradshaw, turned Blahnik into a household name for women, and the Spanish designer has ridden that fame season after season with his sculptural marvels. Blahnik has returned, though, with a menswear collection, which frankly, makes me drool. From his red oxford brogues to blue suede slingbacks, Blahnik teases me not only with superb design, but extremely limited availability. That said, if any of you happen to make it to, say, Bahrain or London anytime soon, feel free to pick me up a pair (size 10.5).

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  • love, love, love the topsiders. i just bought myself a pair in red! i do love the green though…i actually just saw a man (yes, man not a trendy youthful) wearing that exact pair while sipping a martini and reading the NYtimes at a happy hour.

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