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Headbands. Get into them!

Need I say more?
Ok, fine, since this is a blog and I do have to write more than 2 declarative sentences telling you what you should be into, I’ll elaborate.
I’m a pretty boring member of the accessories gang. More than one ring per hand and I feel like Libaracci. I’ll occasionally sport some earrings, or a scarf. I just recently (as in, last month) got in to wearing a bracelet with my watch (it’s a Marc Jacobs guitar watch, tell me what looks good with that?!). The furthest I’ll go is sporting a chain necklace made up of 6 chains. And even that feels like a weight around my neck.
The thing is, I like to spice it up. And I think I might have found the perfect way to morph my rock and roll, harijuku girl, girly punk rock style together. Headbands.
Here’s why. I spent $10 the other day at Forever 21 and made off with 4 very cute, very affordable, very goes-with-everything headbands. They were all skinny with little bows placed just right on the side.
Headbands are a great way to add a little somethin’ something’ to your otherwise boring outfit. I’ve been wearing thiese things with everything. Sure, I’m wearing the black one more than the fuschia or teal plaid but hey, I need time to ease into it don’t I?

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