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Bridgeport All-Stars
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Bridgeport All-Stars

The Bridgeport All Stars show is a snapshot of work made by artists living and working in the community of the future.
People like: John Salhus, Linda Kim, Steve Badauskas, Steven Stankowicz, Rachael Marszewski, Rachel Welling, Judy Natal, Sarah Kenney, Kelly Schmal, Rhett Johnson, Brad Biancardi, Mr. Thor, Ryan Murray, Peter Skvara, Nick Depeder, Justin Goh, Gabe Lanza, Ian Whitmore, Vicki Fowler, Cournety Oertel, Ben Noetzl, Ray Emerick, Chris Smith, Ed Marszewski, Gina Hutchings, Nicole Lucaroni, Henry Glover, Thorne Brandt, Kimball Paul, Dave the Lightbulb Man, Aron Gent, Jose Mesarina, Nate Lee, Carl Virgo, Zipporah Hodges, Jorge Golgo Quintero, Al Pocious, Mike Pocious, Daniel Mejia, Elizabeth Buchanan, Michelle Faust, Nat Ward, Patrick Willie, Rebecca Meyer & others.
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 23, 2008 7pmThe Co-Prosperity Sphere • 3219 S Morgan Street • Chicago IL 60608
Performances: 10pm by Patrick Thunder, Wave and Particle, Bulbs, Church Bus and Waterbabies.
Food design by Tony’s Catering (Puerto Rican action served at 7pm)
($5 donation after 9pm)
Open Saturdays 3-6pm and by appointment 773.837.0145 For additional programs visit
The show was supported in part by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a State Agency. They rock.
Reuben Kincaid Project room opening with graphite ceiling drawings by Lukasz Wyszkowski.

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